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October 11, 2011

Fenwick Elliott Annual Review 2011/2012

Our 15th Review contains our usual round up of the key developments in the construction and energy arena over the past year. This includes a summary of everything you need to know about the payment and adjudication changes introduced in October 2011. We also take the opportunity to review a number of key questions regarding the formation of your contract. Whenever a dispute arises, the first question is always: what does the contract mean? We have articles about contract formation, implied terms, subject to contract negotiations and the classic “battle of the forms”.

There are plenty more articles for your consideration, the links to which are below or you can download a PDF of the full Review by completing the “Download our Annual Reviewform. If you would like a hard copy of this Annual Review, please contact Jeremy Glover with your name, company name, address and email.

Annual Review articles

The new ICC Arbitration Rules

Enforcement of DAB decisions

Bonds and guarantees

So what is the impact of the Remedies Directive so far?

Procurement regulations – the future

Building information modelling (BIM): the devil is not in the legal detail

Changes to the Construction Act

How adjudication will change

Recent changes to JCT and NEC standard form contracts

Battle of the forms

Implied terms

The “Without Prejudice” Rule

The art of negotiation in a difficult market

Cross-contract set-off

The Costs Management Pilot

Dictionary of construction terms


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