Corporate & social responsibility (CSR)

We are committed to delivering our services according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. This ethos governs every element of our business and social interactions. We are committed to operating with a strong sense of integrity, critical to maintaining trust and credibility with our clients, business partners, employees and stakeholders. We strive to review and continuously improve our corporate social responsibility programme.

To meet this commitment, Fenwick Elliott LLP seeks to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To provide our clients with the best possible service and respect their confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • To support our employees in taking on social responsibilities.
  • To treat all employees equally and invest in training to improve skill levels across the firm.
  • To encourage involvement with charities and make charitable donations through corporate fund raising activities and individual effort.
  • To make a positive contribution to the environment and manage our environmental footprint in order to try and reduce any aspects of environmental degradation associated with our activities.
  • To conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards.
  • To maintain the highest standards of health and safety.
  • To be a great place to work.
  • To improve internal and external awareness of our CSR activities and initiatives.

Corporate social responsibility structure:

Neil Elliot (Practice Manager) is responsible for reviewing our corporate social responsibility policy and performance. Neil seeks to continuously improve Fenwick Elliott LLP’s performance on the key issues of the CSR programme and to promote and encourage the corporate responsibility programme into the management and culture of the business and into the minds of our employees.

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