Christina Lockwood Consultant


Christina Lockwood is dual-qualified as a lawyer in Germany and England, with a PhD in German law from the University of Trier. Following her Final State Exam (German qualification for all legal professions), she gained commercial experience with an investment bank in the City (WestLB, London Branch), working in international trade finance on the negotiation and documentation of forfaiting, repurchase and overseas securities lending transactions. Christina is fluent in English, German, and Spanish.

Dispute resolution experience

Christina became a CIArb accredited mediator in 2007, and was further accredited by CEDR in 2010. Christina is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and she worked as conciliator and adjudicator on tenancy disputes and disputes with the Royal Mail at IDRS Ltd, the former subsidiary of the CIArb.

Since June 2008 Christina has conducted 300 conciliations (telephone mediations) in accordance with the relevant consumer scheme procedures. Her main practice areas are general commercial disputes, disputes between funeral directors and customers, and landlord/tenant and property disputes.

Other activities

Christina Lockwood and Nicholas Gould drafted the Dispute Board Rules and Tripartite Agreement for the CIArb following a consultation on dispute board rules in November 2013.

She assisted Nicholas Gould in monitoring the Costs Management Pilot Scheme (launched in all Technology and Construction Courts and Mercantile Courts) by means of questionnaires and a follow-up telephone survey. The Final Report was published on 1 May 2013.

Christina acted as mediator and judge at the 9th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris, 7-12 February 2014, and as judge at the 7th and 8th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris.