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"Changes ahead: public procurement 2014"

May 2013

At the end of 2011, after extensive public consultation, the European Commission published its proposals for simplifying and modernising the public procurement regime. It is not expected that the proposals will become law in the UK before June or July 2014. However, the Commission is now in the process of making the final revisions to the relevant Directives. In this article Julie Teal discusses the changes and whether they are good news.

Costs Management Pilot - Final Report

May 2013

"Measure for measure"

April 2013

With the reforms to the way costs in civil litigation are managed having been introduced on 1 April 2013, everyone is looking for pointers as to how the courts will interpret the new rules. In this article, published in The Commercial Litigation Journal, Jeremy Glover uses the Henry v Mirror Group Newspapers case to look for hints as to how the courts may approach the new costs regime.

"Finding the true experts"

March 2013

In a paper first published by Solicitors Journal on 19 February 2013 (reproduced by kind permission –, Peter Collie offers his opinion on how to make the most of expert evidence, identifying a few points which are critical to success.

"Cost Management Orders (Solicitors’ perspective)"

December 2012

In this paper, Nicholas Gould considers how the Costs Management Pilot is being received, the role of the judge, Form HB and the client’s view of the process.

Most feedback received indicates that costs management is a new discipline that requires skill and practice, but which can be learnt.

"Expert determination: an update"

December 2012

In this paper, Nicholas Gould considers the use of expert determination in resolving construction disputes.

Expert determination has been used for many years as a means of independent valuation, but it lends itself particularly well to the economic and definitive resolution of valuation based disputes in the construction industry. Nicholas discusses why he thinks it could be used more frequently and even included within the contracts at the outset.