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Arbitration and litigation

"eDisclosure and harvesting the documents in construction cases"

In this article Simon Tolson explains how the use of technology may assist in reducing the cost of litigation/arbitration by expediting and improving the process of disclosure of documents.

"Turkey and Middle East Construction"

September 2014

The main focus of this talk relates to the use of dispute escalation clauses in construction and engineering contracts that are becoming more wide spread in the UAE. This provides an opportunity to consider dispute resolution processes that are operating in the Middle East, and how those processes are being combined in, for example, Engineer Procure and Construct (EPC) contracts, and the differences that you find within the region.

"Getting the Deal Through – Construction 2014"

February 2014

In this publication Stacy Sinclair answers questions on English law ranging from bribery to mediation and everything in between. Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Construction 2014, (published in August, 2013; contributing editor: Robert S Peckar of Peckar & Abramson, PC). For further information please visit

"Is arbitration confidential?"

May 2013

It is generally assumed as a matter of commercial dealings that arbitration proceedings will be both private and confidential. In this paper, Richard Smellie looks at to what extent you can be sure that arbitration is private and confidential.

Costs Management Pilot - Final Report

May 2013

"Bharat Aluminium Co. v Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services, Inc."

November 2012

In a paper written for Fenwick Elliott’s autumn edition of International Quarterly, David Robertson reviews a recent Indian Supreme Court decision.

David discusses how this decision provides welcome support for a non-interventionist approach to international arbitration.